Multifunctional ozonator TR-YCA

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The tool is the effective means of the new generation, which cleans the air and food products from nosogenic microbes and toxic substances by using the ozon.
Spheres of using of an ozonator: Houses, offices, medical institutions, food objects, children gardens and buildings of various functions.
Desinfection; deodorization; cleaning of the air and ozonation; cleaning of the air from a chlorine; mineralization of water; treatment of food products by enriched water with the ozon (fruit, vegetable, a meat, a meat of a bird, a fish); whitening of an apparel; treatment of scurf; ridding of an unpleasant smell from an oral cavity; Recover of a digestion system; ridding of acne and coccal infections from a skin; ridding of granulosarcoid infections from shoes and an apparel; ridding of specific smells from domestic refrigerators and domestic animals, which live in conditions of a house.
Price: 309$USD.

Tiens Group in Georgia
Sales manager: Alexandre Khachapuridze

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